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DAITO Pharmaceutical Co cerebrated its 50th anniversary in the year 2000.  Since its establishment, our company's motto has always been the philosophy of our founder Keikoku Kajiwara, "Be valuable to our society".

As our society has been matured, sexual topics have been more openly discussed.  It is clear that in order to improve one's quality of life, the importance of sexual life will be more frequently addressed.  This shall occur with more ease and increasing scientific evidence.  In any case, a satisfying sexual life makes one's life more complete.  The Chinese have recognized this in their character for "sex" which directly translates to "the spirit of living".  From my experience in the medical field, I have concluded that when one loses his interest in sexual issue, one has truly stepped toward senility.

We have been manufacturing male hormone, female hormone and yohimbine products.  We predicted social and population structural changes more than 30 years ago and have created our product line to fill our maturing society's needs.  Japan has become very peaceful and one of the most aging societies in the world.
We see that the advancement of medical technology has allowed us to live longer.  With the inevitable increase of senior population, the search for how to live an independent and meaningful life will also intensify.  Having a clear understanding of our society's needs, we are working hard to come up products to be a part of the helping hand for our future.

In keeping with our company's motto, we continue with every effort to be a valuable part of our society.

CEO Yutaka Kajiwara, MD

CEO Yuraka Kajiwara, MD



Company Profile


4-36-13, Minami-nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Japan


Production Site (Kofu Factory):
Aria 207, Kawada-cho, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi Japan


Established: 1949


Yuriko Kajiwara, founder


CEO: Yutaka Kajiwara, MD
COO: Atsuyoshi Fukui


Professional Affiliations:
Home Medicine Association of Japan (HMAJ)
Kofu Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Fashion City Kofu Association (ARIA)


Testosterone Cream




Androgen Replacement Therapy
for male andropause






  Our Products



 ・ Hairglone

 ・ Glowmin

 ・ Bustmin

 ・ Guaranapon

 ・ Guaranapin


Local Anesthetics

with Testosterone ointment

for premature ejaculation













Estrogen Ointment
for female menopause










Testosterone Ointment
for male sexual dysfunction







Yohimbine Tablets
for psychogenic ED & ejaculation;
malemission, and aspermia.






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